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Important Message 

“If you have a cough and fever, and if you or someone close to you has recently traveled to China, PLEASE alert the clinic staff when you call for an appt and when you go to the clinic. This will help the staff to do the right things to care for you and for the other people in the clinic at the time”.       Please see Link below for more information from Niagara Public Health :



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Welcome to Grimsby Medical Associates

Grimsby Medical Associates is a medical clinic located in the Town of Grimsby, Ontario. Our team approach links your family doctor with other health care team providers to give you the best possible care. The focus is on keeping you and your family healthy, not just treating you when you are sick.

Your care team consists of many members:

Family Doctor; Family Medicine Residents; Nursing Team; Administrative Team; Mental Health Team; Chronic Disease Team, Geriatric Team; Dietitian  and Diabetic Team

Each of these health care workers plays a different role in your health care so you and your family can benefit from a well-rounded approach to health.





Mindfulness & Acceptance   

Monday January 27, 2020

2:30pm to 4:30pm

Grimsby Public Library – Art Studio

18 Carnegie Lane, Grimsby, ON

  • Do you struggle with staying in the present moment or have trouble focusing on one thing at a time?
  • Do you get caught up in negative thoughts and emotions?
  • Curious about the mindfulness trend?

Please join the mental health counsellors at Grimsby Medical Associates for a workshop introducing skills and strategies to live your life more mindfully, with openness, curiosity, and acceptance. This workshop is open to the public. Please contact Grimsby Medical Associates at 905-945-5476 or stop by reception to register.

Workshops Coming Soon…

February 24 – Managing Stress and Balanced Living

March 30 – Getting Better Sleep

The mental health counselors run monthly workshops on a variety of mental health related topics. All workshops are open to the public. Please contact Grimsby Medical Associates 905-945-5476 or stop by reception to register.

All workshops will be held at the Grimsby Public Library in the Art Studio (18 Carnegie Lane, Grimsby, ON


Community Events for Healthy Living

GMA Online Health Challenge

Patients of Grimsby Medical Associates are invited to register for an online 4-week lifestyle challenge program delivered by the Registered Dietitian and the Registered Nurse. The program re-starts on the first Tuesday of every month and includes weekly emails to move participants towards improved diet and exercise habits. The starter package includes all the information and tools needed to translate weekly emails into action and results in the comfort of your own home. Participants compete anonymously to achieve the greatest improvements in the combination of diet, exercise, blood pressure, and weight and they are able to compare their results to others, anonymously, at the end of the challenge. Patients are encouraged to sign up at reception.

Will be updated with new events soon!