Appointment Information

Basic Information

In order to provide appropriate medical care Grimsby Medical Associates operates by appointment only. It is extremely important that you try to inform the staff of the type of visit you require to assist in booking an appropriate appointment time. Please indicate if you require a regular visit, a longer visit for counselling, a complete physical examination or simply an injection. Every effort will be made to accommodate your family in a manner appropriate to your medical needs. Please be assured that confidentiality will be strictly maintained in all aspects of the clinic.

All of our physicians have implemented a new booking system called “Better Access”. This means our receptionists’ goal will be to offer you an appointment with your physician on the day you call. If your physician is not in the clinic the day you call, you will be offered an appointment the next day that your physician is available. Please see Better Access page for more details.

Missed Appointments

Missed appointments take valuable time away from ill people who are waiting to see their health care provider. We require 24hrs advance notice for appointment cancellations.