Chronic Disease Management Program

Chronic Disease Management Program Information

Grimsby Medical Associates has available for our patients a chronic disease management education program that strives to promote self-care by providing education and support with a nurse and dietitian to adults with chronic diseases like hypertension and pre-diabetes and their families.

This chronic disease management education program helps people with chronic diseases such as hypertension and pre-diabetes learn to make healthy lifestyle choices, strives to reduce the risk of and delay the progression of complications of their disease.


Grimsby Medical Associates has available for our patients several chronic disease management programs promoting self-care by providing education and support with a nurse and/or dietitian.

  1. Hypertension Management Program

The Hypertension Management Program is offered through referral from your Family Doctor. The goal of the Hypertension Program at Grimsby Medical Associates is to identify patients with high blood pressure and provide them with education that supports individual learning and self-management of this condition. The Hypertension Program is delivered and supported by a knowledgeable and interdisciplinary team including the Program Director, Family Physician, Registered Nurse, and the Registered Dietitian.


Individual visits are offered as part of this program. The BP Connex machine is used for blood pressure measurement in order to ensure accurate and consistent readings each time you have your blood pressure checked by the Registered Nurse. The individual session offers a great educational resource that can help you understand what hypertension is, the risks, and strategies for blood pressure reduction. We can offer you support for lifestyle changes that have been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure and decrease the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. Ultimately, our Hypertension Program is for you, the patient, and we are here to facilitate your journey.


  1. Cholesterol Management Program:

Whenever possible, patients are offered the option of improving lifestyle health in order to lower cholesterol.  Even with medication, lifestyle changes further help to reduce the risk of cardiac events like heart attack or stroke.  Once elevated cholesterol levels are identified, patients can agree to see our dietitian for help incorporating the Mediterranean diet along with supplements indicated to improve heart health.  The dietitian will guide you towards selecting appropriate goals in the initial session and will follow up every 6 weeks by phone to help you advance your goals and monitor your progress.  If you would like to self-refer to this program, please book an appointment with our dietitian through reception.

  1. Pre-Diabetes

Elevated blood sugar findings present an excellent opportunity for prevention through dietary and lifestyle changes.  It is very possible to reverse elevated blood sugar that has not yet been diagnosed as diabetes; our dietitian will sit down with you to teach you how food affects blood sugar and to re-design your eating pattern to lower your levels back to normal range.  The dietitian will support you in making these changes a reality with regular phone calls and planned bloodwork and food record reviews as needed.

Please ask your healthcare provider for more details.