Diabetic Program

Diabetic Program Information

Grimsby Medical Associates has available for our patients a diabetes education program that strives to promote diabetes self-care by providing education and support with a nurse and dietitian to adults with type 2 diabetes and their families.

This diabetes education program helps people with diabetes learn to make healthy lifestyle choices, strives to reduce the risk of and delay the progression of complications of diabetes.

DM programs

At Grimsby Medical Associates, we are fortunate to offer our patients access to 2 diabetes care teams in order to support self-care towards reducing the risk and delaying the progression of complications of diabetes.

Each patient with Type 2 Diabetes is scheduled for quarterly sessions with the doctor, registered nurse, and dietitian as preferred, The nurse and doctor check blood-work, records, medication and appropriate indicators of health; the patient receives a regular report card indicating progress in several key metrics like blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar level.  The dietitian is always available during or after the appointment to help plan nutrition and lifestyle changes based on the patient’s personal goals and preferences.

If you have diabetes and would like to opt-in to this comprehensive self-management support program, please let your receptionist or doctor know.


Please ask your healthcare provider for more details.