DR Richard Scott Retirement

The physicians and staff of Medical Associates wish to announce the retirement of our colleague Dr. Richard Scott on July 1, 2021.  After many years of service, Dr. Scott will be entrusting the care of his patients to Dr. Krista Margeson.  As per the Ministry of Health, patients of Dr. Scott will need to sign a registration form to continue in the care of Dr. Margeson.  Please email us at grimsbymedical@gmail.com  so that we can email you a registration form, or call our office at 905-945-5476 to speak with our staff to arrange registration.  We would like to thank  Dr. Scott for his leadership, dedication and commitment to our patients and the community and wish him much happiness in his retirement.


DR Scott letter to Patients
April 6, 2021

To our patients,

For the last 4 years I have had the pleasure of sharing a family practice with Dr. Krista Margeson. I have personally known some of you since I first moved to Grimsby with my family 25 years ago. Some of you joined our shared practice after the retirement of Dr. Don Deegan 3 years ago and I have had the further pleasure of getting to know and care for you with Dr. Margeson in that time.
As you probably know by now, our shared practice arrangement is a unique model within the larger group practice involving 7 other single-physician practices. Dr. Margeson and I have taken turns in being responsible for the patients in our practice in alternating periods of one or two weeks. It is a unique practice model.
It is with very mixed feelings that I would like to inform you that I will be retiring from the practice at the end of June. Over the years I feel like I have come to know many of you well, and almost without exception to appreciate and respect the way you have faced difficult challenges to your health and happiness. Every day in
my practice I have had the privilege of coming to appreciate how genuinely brave and decent people are in facing adversity; and how caring and thoughtful they are in looking after each other through difficult times. I will miss the relationships you have entrusted me with. For this privilege, I am deeply grateful.
Because she is an excellent person, colleague and physician, I will also miss the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Margeson. It has given me great peace of mind to know that all of my patients would be well looked after by her while I took the opportunity to explore other interests over the last few years and, more recently, to consider my retirement. Without exception those of you who have told me about her have said that you have found her caring, empathetic and knowledgeable. I could not agree more. Without reservation I will tell you that you could not find a better Family Doctor anywhere.
With thanks and with best wishes for your health and happiness,

Richard Scott, MD


DR Margeson letter to Patients
April 6, 2021
To Our Patients,

Since joining Dr. Scott in our practice-share arrangement in 2018 (and prior to that as his locum), I have had the opportunity to meet most of you at Medical Associates, or more recently, over the telephone. If we have not met yet, I hope this means you are well and I look forward to the chance to meet you in the future.
Most of you have been patients of Dr. Scott’s for a long time and we will try to make the transition during his retirement as smooth as possible.
We are actively seeking a replacement to continue in the practice-share with me. You may meet one of these potential permanent doctors as they work at our clinic over the next several months to ensure we have a good fit. I hope you can welcome them as warmly as you have welcomed me.
I know that there have been a lot of changes, both in our daily lives and at the office, over the past year in response to the pandemic. Change is stressful and we are happy to receive respectful communication about any
concerns you may have related to the practice; however, please note there is a zero-tolerance policy for abuse or disrespect toward any physician or staff member, either at the clinic or over the phone. Inappropriate behavior,
profanity or aggression will result in dismissal from the practice.
If you would like to continue as a patient at Medical Associates, please complete the attached form for the Ministry of Health and return it to our office. These need to be submitted by the end of 2021 to keep your spot in our practice. If you have difficulty completing the form, please contact our office for assistance and we will do our best to help you.
I look forward to continuing as one half of your family doctor team and will introduce my new partner when we find the right doctor to join the practice.
It is a privilege to be entrusted with your health, and I look forward to our ongoing medical relationship. I will .. greatly miss sharing your care with Dr. Scott, but I am excited for him to enjoy his many passions in retirement!
Dr. Krista Margeson M.D.