Office Policies

Important Policies

Patients – you must bring your Health Card and all medications with you to each visit.

If a patient DOES NOT have a valid OHIP Health Card # the patient will be expected to pay for each visit up front – patient can renew Health Card at MTO office in downtown Grimsby

Our office will not contact patient if your lab results are normal.

We will not prescribe any narcotic drugs or other drugs that can cause addiction on patient’s first visit with us – we will only prescribe drugs of this type after we have done a full assessment and have reviewed the patient’s medical records.

Wait times for specialist appointments are determined by the specialist; this is out of our hands.

Note: Not all services are covered by OHIP. Payment to be received up front. Please see Services Fees for a list of services.

No-Show Policy

We request at least 24 Hours cancellation notice unless it is a valid medical or personal emergency. You may be charged if you miss your appointment.

Anti-Harrassment/Violent Policy

At Medical Associates, RESPECT is everyone’s responsibility.

Patients, visitors, workers, doctors.

We value our teammates and patients and treat them with respect and dignity. We believe in treating people the way we all want to be treated. We will nurture an environment in which everyone feels included, valued and appreciated.

Violence toward any patient, staff member or member of the community will not be tolerated. Individuals behaving in an aggressive verbal or physical manner will be requested to leave the clinic. Failure to do so will result in the police being notified. Any threats towards patients or staff will result in immediate notification of the police.

Privacy Policy 

We hold personal information about our patients.  This  information  is  sensitive  and  valuable  to  our patients and we are obliged by law to treat it carefully. As part of our duties we must all take steps to keep patient information safe and make sure that it can be accessed only by those who need to see it for a proper reason.

This applies equally to our electronic medical record, paper copies of health records, reports, test results and emails and any other ways patient information can be recorded. We have to protect this information from loss, theft, unauthorized access including any kind of disclosure to the wrong people.

Following these guidelines will minimize the risk of patient information falling into the wrong hands which could cause harm and distress to patients and legal consequences to the Family Health Organization and our staff. We require everyone who is affiliated with the Family Health Organization to follow the best practices described here, including all physicians, staff, volunteers, students, and vendors (collectively “Team Members”). Every Team Member has a role in keeping our patients’ information secure, and we expect everyone to fulfill that role.