Travel Immunizations

Planning A Vacation Outside of Canada?

Planning a vacation outside of Canada? When travelling, you may be at risk for a number of illnesses that can be prevented by vaccination. As you age, your vaccine-acquired protection against many illnesses may decrease. Your risk of getting certain diseases may also increase. You may need immunization and information to protect your health while you are away from home.

Your physician can provide you with basic travel information and some immunizations for resort travel to the Caribbean including Mexico, Bahamas and Bermuda. Information on health safety in travelling will be provided as well as recommendations for appropriate vaccinations. If you think that you require an immunization please book an appointment with your physician well in advance of your departure date.

Travel advice and travel immunization and vaccines are not services covered by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. There is a fee for this service from your physician. Travel Advice: $35.00 per patient and Travel Immunizations: $10.00 per injection.

Please see our Uninsured Fees Services Page.

Remember, keep your family’s vaccination records in a safe and accessible place and carry copies when you travel.

International travellers requiring immunization information for destinations other than the Caribbean are asked to contact the Niagara Public Health International Travel Clinic at 1-888-505-6074 ext. 7330. An appointment should be made well in advance of your travel date and the cost of this visit is not covered by OHIP.

Web resources:

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