Better Access

Better Access

All of our physicians have implemented a booking system called “Better Access”. This means our receptionists’ goal will be to offer you an appointment with your physician on the day you call. If your physician is not in the clinic the day you call, we will try to offer you an appointment the next day that your physician is available.

What is Better Access?

Better Access. It means we are trying to provide care when you need it most. We are working hard to make more appointments available each day, giving you better access to your doctor.
We recognize that when you are in need of an appointment, it is often on the day that you call so we will try to offer you an appointment that day based on the urgency of your healthcare needs.

What Better Access is NOT…..

Better Access is not about offering a “walk-in” style of practice. You will still need to book appointments to see your doctor.

Better Access does not mean your doctor will now be working in the office every day. Your doctor continues to offer coverage at WLMH part time as well so is most often only here in the office 4 days per week. Please feel free to ask the receptionist when you call which days your physician is in the office.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Depend on Others to Bring Me to My Appointment?
Please indicate to our receptionist if you require pre-booking of an appointment for this reason and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
What If My Doctor Is Away?
You will be given an appointment when your doctor returns to the office unless there is an urgent medical need and you would then be offered an appointment with the doctor on-call.
What Appointments Can I Book Ahead?
Although the doctors prefer their patients to schedule all appointments using Better Access, they do understand that there may be a need to schedule in advance. Please speak to your doctor’s receptionist.