Forms Completion

Forms Completion Information

Charges for form completion apply and the amount varies depending on the complexity of the request.

The physicians at Medical Associates attempt to complete all forms in a timely manner. To assist your physician please:

Do not produce your form in the exam room
Hand it in when you check in for your appointment
Ensure that you have completed any areas on the forms relating to personal demographics and health information
Ensure that you have signed in the required areas

Forms are completed in the order in which they are received, although exceptions are made in emergency situations only. In most cases your forms will be completed within a two week period, however, due to the complex nature of some forms or if your physician is away, this may not always be possible. Please be patient and you will be contacted by the Business Office once your form is complete along with the amount owing. Payments can be made by cash, Visa, MasterCard or Debit when you pick up your form.

Forms will not be released without payment in full and signed consent allowing us to release your information to a 3rd party (insurance company, lawyer, employer).