Our Team

Our <span>Team</span>


Administrative Team

Members of our administrative support team are the first people you see when you visit the office. They answer the phone when you call and book all your appointments, handle your referrals, forward your messages and answer many questions you have.

The Administrative Team plays a major and vital role in maintaining the clinic, improving patient access, coordinating services and ensuring quality patient care.

Nursing Team

Our nurses teach patients and families how to promote good health, prevent disease, and manage chronic illnesses. They are also available to take your blood pressure, weight, help with collecting specimens and are available to do your injections/ immunizations, wart treatments, ear syringing, and other appropriate treatments.

The nurses also manage patient flow through the clinic, assume responsibility for communication of test results, medication requests to pharmacists and triage calls to enhance patient care.

Inter-Professional Health Care Team

Our inter-professional health team: Mental Health Counselors, Registered Dietitian Chronic Disease Management, Registered Nurse Chronic Disease Management and Geriatric Program, Registered Dietitian Diabetes Management, and Registered Nurse Diabetes Management are dedicated to excellence in the provision of primary care services.