Pregnancy & Parenting

Sharing Pregnancy and Parenting Knowledge

We are regularly out on the Web. When we find a great site we list it.

Pregnancy Sites:

General Pregnancy Information
Health Canada link is for generalized healthy pregnancy information.

For Pregnancy and Early Childhood
Includes information on feeding and nutrition.


Pregnancy Health Information From The United States
American site – so information is not relevant (i.e. adoption).

WebMD Pregnancy Website
This website provides information about fetal development, ovulation information and information for baby health as well.

Breastfeeding Sites:

Breastfeeding Inc.
Breastfeeding information

Laleche League
Laleche League information on and the promotion of breast feeding.

Parenting Sites:

Caring for Kids
Canadian Pediatric Society link for

Parents Canada
Information on parenting

American website with information for parents, kids and teens

Transport Canada Car Seat Safety